Focus on your Oral Hygiene with the Best Electric Toothbrush

A lot of us are become more and more conscious about how we look. Shiny white teeth make a huge difference to your overall look but for that you need the best electric toothbrush. On top of that, a person’s smile is perhaps the one thing that makes that initial impression on others. In order to have a nice smile, you almost always need to have nice and white teeth. Unfortunately, due to the lifestyle we adopt, this can be difficult. If you drink a lot of tea or coffee while at the same times as not taking care of your teeth then your teeth will stain at some point.

Let’s be honest here, if you have stained teeth, a toothbrush won’t eradicate this regardless of how good and powerful it is. If you want to do this then a visit to the Dentist should be on the agenda because they will clean and whiten your teeth though the cost could be quite high for regular treatment. However, the best electric toothbrush could be the perfect platform for you to get started with taking care of your teeth properly. This will be the starting step that will help you to achieve that smile that you desire. If you’re wondering which sonic toothbrush to get then you need to compare lots of different models by reading the associated rechargeable electric toothbrush reviews. These will show you clear differences between each model and inform you on which toothbrush is the best.

Personally, I have been a big fan of electric toothbrushes and have been using these ever since they were created years ago. They weren’t that popular at that time but the research indicated that they were effective so I thought I would give it a go. To be honest, they were bound to be better than a manual toothbrush anyway. From my selection, I have found that the best electric toothbrush that I have ever used is the Sonicare DiamondClean by Philips. This is the model that I use right now and have been using for quite some time. I do tend do replace the head every once in a while so the sonic toothbrush always remains consistently effective. This product is definitely one of the best toothbrushes around and it was definitely the topic of some of the reviews that I was reading before I got it.

The reason for its success is the overall performance. Even though it is quite an expensive toothbrush, this is probably worth buying for the long term. It is important to notice that this is also a best selling product within the electric toothbrush reviews category and considering the high cost, this speaks volumes for the quality you can expect from it. If you are expecting some crazy features as a justification for the price then you are mistaken because there are none. However, the cleverly design premium structure is bound to make your technique more effective than before. The body of the DiamondClean is highly durable and it actually feels like that when you hold it. It feels like you are holding a premium product and to be honest, I think that when it comes to your health and oral care in particular, you should always aim to get the best quality.

But again, we don’t care too much about the style and the design so let’s move on to the actual performance. When it comes to this, you have got a few unique features and a highly innovative interface that is simple to use. There are also 5 brushing settings you can choose from and this is excellent for someone who is fed up of the efficacy of a manual toothbrush or their older and cheaper rechargeable electric toothbrush.

Electric toothbrush reviews

I don’t think this product is going to do any wonders for your teeth so don’t expect your teeth to shine within a few uses. However, just remember that what it is excellent at is cleaning your teeth properly. This means that you will be minimising bacteria and over time, with the right diet and additional steps, you will eventually achieve those shiny teeth and that bright smile. Another impressive feature of the DiamondClean is the battery, which lasts quite long. All of these features and characteristics ensure that this model is the best electric toothbrush out right now and from the looks of it, this isn’t going to change any time soon.

Your Pearly Whites and Fluoride — A Dentist’s Dream Becomes Your Nightmare

Walk down the toothpaste aisle at Tesco, Boots or any other drugstore across the country, and you’re unlikely to find a single brand of toothpaste that doesn’t contain fluoride.

That’s good, right?

Ha. That’s what you think.

We’ve long been told that fluoride can protect against gum disease, cavities and dry mouth; but did you know that excess fluoride in the body can actually detrimentally affect your kidneys? How about the brain and your bones? And let’s not forget — wait for it — your teeth. Too much of a “good thing” from toothpaste and fluoridated water can actually cause your teeth to lose enamel, change colour, pit and fall apart. Why would anyone want to take that risk when you can take care of your teeth just fine by brushing, flossing and eating a healthy diet?

White teeth

I think the reason for this misinformation, as well as others — that soda isn’t bad for you, that corn syrup is fine in moderation, that sodium laureth sulfate in our shampoo is nothing to worry about — boils down to more than just one thing. But if you’re skeptical, think about it: How could the government say that Coca-Cola is bad for you? Industry lobbyists, anyone? Corn farmers and subsidies? All of the hard work and time/money it would take to remove SLES from daily-use products? In terms of fluoride, you can chalk that up to a bunch of dentists who form the sole group of advisors to the Centres for Disease Control on the entire issue of fluoridation.

Funny story, though: Fluoride use to prevent tooth decay was actually discovered after the brown stains and mottling that it can also cause to the enamel of our teeth. Thanks, but no thanks — I’ll brush, floss and eat right, and I’ll bet you I can avoid both spotty teeth AND cavities. Sounds just like the “don’t eat sugar, eat corn syrup” argument to me. Makes no sense to rob Peter to pay Paul.

I’ve been using both Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil & Neem toothpaste and Jason Powersmile, which do not contain fluoride or sodium lauryl sulfate, and at my last dental checkup — insane pregnancy hormones and all, which do tend to cause more dental issues — I was cavity free. I’m not even sure if my teeth don’t look whiter now than before!

I’m all about simple switches, and this has been the easiest for me (along with deodorant) in terms of satisfaction with the “green” product versus conventional kinds. No complaints, no issues, just a healthier me. Go to your local health food store the next time you run out of toothpaste and do YOUR health a favour, too.