Natural Deodorant…Do I Use It Or Not?

To stink or not to stink? I always thought that was the question when it came to switching to a natural deodorant — do I want to smell like a horse farm just to “go green,” or should I ignore the issue all together and stick to the regular kind (some of which still leave you stinky anyways)? I pictured dirty hippies, the girls in junior high who still hadn’t had the talk with their moms and didn’t know it was time to start using the no-stink stick. Serious, stomach-turning odor.

But I tried it anyways!

I’d heard about the dangers of conventional deodorant plenty of times; after all, why would natural options exist if there wasn’t a real tradeoff? So around Christmas during our family health crisis, I decided it was finally time to toss the Secret and commit to going au naturel. I was afraid, very afraid, especially with my raging pregnancy hormones, that I would smell like a European tourist. And what was this stuff, anyways, a “crystal” I had to wet before rubbing it under my arms? I thought crystals were for Feng Shui.

Natural Deodorant

Yet I couldn’t ignore the evidence — parabens, found in traditional deodorants, are an established risk for breast cancer. But scientists still claim there’s no link between the dangerous chemical and applying it daily, at least once, to an area where so many positive lymph nodes are detected in women with mammary tumors? Parabens are known hormone disruptors.

Found in the tissues of women with cancer. Sure, even in women who said they never used deodorant — but to me, that doesn’t let underarm protection off the hook. It just means that parabens happen to be in deodorant and a million other conventional products we use too much of these days. Really, it would be laughable if it weren’t so FREAKING ridiculous.

So back to my little experiment…I am officially stink free! (At least I think so — but you’d have to ask those I’ve come into close contact with for the final verdict, I suppose.) There was no transition period while my body “adjusted” to the natural alternative, although I heard that was typical. And I will mention that it’s not like I’m doing any hard-core cardio while I’m pregnant, of course, so when my workouts start to ramp up again I admit to wondering if I’ll regret the switch.

The Crystal I’m using right now, also, is just a deodorant, not an antiperspirant — so I don’t always feel completely dry, but I’m not exactly one to wear silk blouses or tight-fitted jersey dresses anyways. Frankly, I’m pleased, and I’m hoping anyone who’s on the fence out there about making the switch goes out and tries it right away. There’s really nothing to be afraid of after all, and there are other options available if the first kind you try isn’t 100% satisfactory.

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